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Scholarships and Bursaries

Since Newton Prep’s foundation, two of the School’s main aims have been to celebrate academic excellence and to bring the education the School offers within reach of bright children whose parents have palpable difficulty in meeting the fees. Over the years, many children have been helped towards long-term academic success at senior school and university, their formative years at Newton Prep having been supported by the Newton Scholarship Fund.

The Newton Scholarship Fund is a registered charity administered by a board of trustees who use its funds to help children who are likely to benefit academically from the education offered by Newton Prep. Corporate as well as individual donations are accepted.

Scholarships and Bursaries are not available in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2.


The Newton Scholarship Fund offers means-tested top-up bursaries, within certain limits, to children of scholarship ability whose families require financial assistance. Any financial assistance which a family may receive from the Newton Scholarship Fund will remain confidential to the Trustees of the Newton Scholarship Fund.

Academic Scholarships

Newton Prep awards academic scholarships up to the value of £250 per term after competitive examination, without means testing. Scholarships are awarded by the School to pupils moving into, or applying to, Year 3 and Year 7. The success of all children who are awarded scholarships by the School will be publicly acknowledged.

Please explore this section of the Newton Prep website to find out more about eligibility and the application process for the Newton Scholarship Fund.

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