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Tate Modern Visit


Friday, 18 Mar 2011

On Monday 14th March two Year 4 classes visited the Tate Modern. One Year 4 pupil wrote this review of the trip:

"I loved the trip to the Tate Modern because we got to see all of the artists’ work that we had been studying in art and some other artists too. I particularly liked Anish Kapoor’s sculpture "Ishi’s Light" because when you stood up close to the open egg shape and looked into the dark glossy surface inside you lost all sense of depth and couldn’t tell if the surface was 10cm away or 10km away!

I liked Jackson Pollock’s work because the bold black lines made shapes that looked like dancing figures and the work looked so free. I have always dreamed of spreading out a huge canvas in our garden and flicking paint all over it!

I thought Bridget Riley’s Op Art really tricked your eyes and if you looked at it for a long time it seemed to move. The Sunflower seeds by Ai Wei Wei were amazing! I had the urge to go and run around in the seeds, draw pictures and trickle the seeds through my hands but you couldn’t because of the dust. I enjoyed making a big puzzle of Matisse’s The Snail on the floor of the gallery and then making my own "snail" cut out."

Source: School Office