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Hollywood comes to Newton Prep!

There's no business like the show business that is the Newton Prep Film Festival.


This annual Year 4 event is the glittering star on the Newton Prep social calendar - and this year was no exception... right from the moment when the stretch limos drew up outside, spilling the bling and cling of the Year 4s and their parents dressed in their finest, into the spotlights and paparazzi clamour of the Apple Courtyard. Staff were also putting their best foot forward as presenters, hosts and judges, one of whom was asked by one very thrusting paparazzo from Year 8 (no names), "Is it true you are being investigated for taking bribes in return for awards?!". The judge forbore to comment. Then it was into the Dining Room for some fashion-show-posing by some of our young starlets before they took their places at the star-spangled tables at the front of the Auditorium. 


Most Tear-Jerking Moment, Best Slapstick Moment, Most Dramatic Cast, Best Comedy Moment - the nominations for each of the short 'Charlie Chaplin-style' masterpieces came in thick and fast. Judges were called upon to give their penetrating, sometimes coruscating reviews of each film (Mr McAfee's poignant comment on the "humiliation, exclusion and alienation inevitable in a world of 'must-haves' and 'must-have-nots' stands out as a highlight) as the golden awards were given out. Winners' reactions were captured by this year's innovative 'live acceptance cam', bringing Newton one step closer to Oscars' Night. Then we settled down to watch a short 'making of' video about each film, showing interviews with the crew 'behind the scenes'....

Best quote of the night came from Angus G: "The thing I found easy was bossing people around... but I found it quite hard to [sigh] get them to listen to me."


As Mrs Fleming summed up at the end of the glittering evening, this was an evening of which memories are made, for both children and parents. "It's a unique celebration of both creativity, teamwork, fun and, above all, GLAMOUR!" gushed one parent as she left. "Just the best night!"


Awestruck thanks go to Mrs McEvoy-Edwards and Mr Lockwood, whose 'baby' the Film Festival is, for their inspirational steering of the whole project, their technical mastery and for the final, shiny touches on the night itself. 


To see each film AND the 'making of' video, please click on the links below... and don't forget to scroll down to see the special-effects-laden motivational message very kindly sent to the Year 4s by actor Michael Maloney! If you would like to see photos taken on the night - or would like to add your own - click on the Flickr link next to the 'f' for Facebook down in the left hand corner of this screen.


Saints and Sinners The Crossword The Romance The War Story
The Making of Saints and Sinners The Making of The Crossword The Making of The Romance The Making of The War Story


Another Fine Mess Easy Street Lucky Dog Magic


The Making of Another Fine Mess The Making of Easy Street The Making of Lucky Dog The Making of Magic


 With thanks to our star supporter, actor Michael Maloney!