Year 3 (7+ Entry)

Year 3 (7+ Entry)

Newton Prep is a prep school in the fullest sense of that word. Our youngest children can come into our Nursery and our oldest leave us either at age 11 (at the end of Year 6) or at age 13 (at the end of Year 8).

We often have children join us in Year 3 (age 7). This will usually be because parents want their children to be properly prepared for the senior school entrance exams that are on the horizon but also because they want them to flourish in an environment of excellent teaching that is enriched by a plethora of fabulous opportunities for the children.

So, what could Newton Prep offer your children?

These are the School’s key aims:

  • To ensure that every child is given opportunities to flourish and develop in all areas of school life
  • To listen and respond to the ‘pupil voice’ 
  • To celebrate and embrace difference and diversity
  • To encourage every child to make their own positive contribution to the life of the School
  • To prepare each child well for the range of senior school entrance examinations 
  • To provide a forward thinking educational experience that equips the children for life in the future

We have outstanding facilities that, in all honesty, can rival many senior schools.  Our Year 3 pupils use our science labs, IT rooms, the auditorium, the recital hall, the sports halls and the large all weather pitch.  Our children are bright and enthusiastic. We want to capitalise on all of that potential. The pitch and pace of our curriculum is ambitious. We want children to work hard in the classroom, to involve themselves in the incredible range of clubs and activities at the school and to be kind and generous-spirited in their attitude. Teachers care very much indeed about the children. A positive sense of well-being lies at the heart of this school; we know that children flourish and thrive when they are happy and feel comfortable in their own skin. Fundamentally, we want children here to enjoy their precious childhood years. 

How to Apply

If you are interested in a place for your child in Year 3, please visit our Registration page for more information, or contact us at:

Mrs Lucy Dickson (Head of Admissions)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 7720 4091

The Headmistress takes prospective parents on small group tours, taking place most term-time Fridays. These get booked up far in advance so please book your place on a tour as soon as you can using the form below.