House System

House System

We have a strong House system at Newton. All staff and children are allocated to a House.

The House system is an important part of helping the children to feel part of the Newton community and allow them to be recognised for performance and participation both within and beyond the classroom. These smaller, vertical groupings help children to develop a deeper sense of belonging, promote a sense of camaraderie, and provide opportunities to explore leadership, mentoring and teamwork.

Our four Houses are named after apple varieties in keeping with the theme of the School: 

  • Crispin (Yellow)
  • Nonsuch (Green)
  • Spartan (Red)
  • Winston (Blue)

Good behaviour, work and effort are rewarded by Housepoints in the form of stickers, certificates, merits and distinctions. In addition, we run a number of House events each year. The most recent competitions include: Interhouse Sport, Poetry Recitation, Imitating Famous Art, Paper Aeroplane Building, Bananagrams, Twitter Tales and House Singing.

Each year, we appoint House Captains from Year 8 who are expected to take responsibility for all members of their House, set a good example, promote achievement, and help to lead the various House events. Additionally, two Lower School House Captains are appointed each term.