Governance & Staff

Governance & Staff

Newton Prep Governance

Newton Prep Ltd is the proprietor and responsible for the governance of the School through its Chairman, Dr Farouk Walji. Over the last 30 years, the School has benefited enormously from the Chairman's vision and the proprietor's generous investment in the facilities and operation of the school.

Since inception, Dr Walji and the proprietor have been advised by the School Council, currently a body of about fifteen individuals, all of whom have some connection with the School or with the world of education. The Council is a powerful resource for the governance of the school. We are privileged to have a team of impressive individuals in a variety of fields, giving us a breadth and depth of educational, political and community experience with which to realise our aims and objectives. The collective expertise, knowledge and wisdom of the Council is a source of great inspiration for the management of the school, which is delegated to the Headmistress, who in turn is well supported by her Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The School Council meets once a term when the Head and Bursar submit their reports.


Newton Prep Ltd

ChairmanDr Farouk Walji [email protected] 
 213 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6BD
 Tel. 020 7937 6304

The School Council has four sub-committees: Education, General Purposes, Nomination and Fees & Salaries Review. The Education Committee and General Purposes Committee, each of which consist of nominated Council members and the SLT, meet once a term. The Nomination and the Fees & Salaries Review committees meet once a year. The School Council and the SLT have an annual ‘Away Day’ to discuss the strategic development of the School.

The School’s Finance Committee, which includes the Headmistress and the Bursar, meets weekly. Inherent to our style and setting is the strong and healthy interface between governance and management. It is this close and dynamic collaboration that is central to the successful delivery of the Vision & Mission at Newton.

School Council

Dr Farouk Walji
Nicholas Talbot-Smith
Zac Barratt
Deborah Bicknell
Dr Nick Black
Steffen Goelkel
Dan Beasley-Harling
Jeremy Edwards
Jill Aisher
Sam Owen
Farhaan Walji
Naheema Walji
Alison Fleming
Simon Broxham

The School's Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Alison Fleming


Peter Archdale - Deputy Head Pastoral Years 3, 4 and 5

Responsible for the day-to-day running of Years 3-5 including management of pastoral care and pupil behaviour. He is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for all of Upper School (Years 3-8).

Simon Broxham - Bursar

Oversees all financial/ budgetary, site and operational matters.

Sarah Hales - Deputy Head Pastoral Years 6, 7&8)

Responsible for the day-to-day running of Years 6-8 including management of pastoral care and pupil behaviour.

Wendy Smith - Deputy Head Lower School

Responsible for the Lower School, from the Apple Nursery up to Year Two. She is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the Lower School.

Nicola Stone - Deputy Head Teaching & Learning

Responsible for the management of academic and curriculum, standards of teaching and learning, data handling and analysis for the School as a whole.

Christopher Woodward - Deputy Head Communication

Responsible for all matters related to the promotion of the school, including events, publications and pupil roll.

Newton Prep is a successful and dynamic school with high standards and expectations for all our boys and girls, from the moment they arrive, from the age of three, to the moment they leave, as late as 13 years old.

We have a large and dedicated staff for both teaching and administration. In the Lower School, each class has a class teacher and a Teaching Assistant, with extra playground assistance provided by our playground supervisors. The children spend most of each day with their teacher and TA, while enjoying specialist teaching in music, PE and in their own library.

In the Upper School, Years 3 and 4 also have a dedicated class teacher, with one TA shared between the four classes, while participating in more specialist teaching outside their classroom, including in the Science labs, in the Art room, in the main library and out on the AWP or in the gyms for PE. From Year 5 onwards, the children are fully on the move, travelling beyond their classroom for all their subjects with subject specialist teachers.

We are interested in education in the fullest sense and seek to provide a proper balance of academic excellence, enjoyment and activity. We want children to be themselves rather than try to shoehorn them into a predetermined mould. The teaching staff are wholly committed to giving the children an outstanding educational experience. We value the quality of our relationships with parents and children, which are grounded in respect, trust and honesty.

Heads of Year (HoYs) and Heads of Department (HoDs) represent middle management at Newton, liaising closely with the SLT and the Admin team to deliver best practice on planning and delivery on curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

In the Admin team we have:



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